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A 2022 guide to smart home blinds

What are smart home blinds? 

Smart home blinds make use of technology that lets you move blinds upwards and downwards at the touch of a button or via voice activated. It is possible to purchase ready to move to automated blinds, or even re-jig the blinds you have already installed with smart home automation systems. Smart home blinds can be controlled to gently wake you each morning. This is much more pleasant as the alarm clock. 

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What are the advantages of smart blinds in your home? 

There are many advantages when it is time to install smart blinds for your home. 

Comfort: With smart home blinds, you don’t need to be concerned about manually pulling blinds back and forth. At the push of a button or shouting to Alexa to let you enjoy the sun without getting off the comfort of your couch. 

safety: Without a doubt one of the major benefits of having a sophisticated controls for blinds is that it eliminates the need for potentially dangerous cords and chains. The pull mechanisms that are used to pull them can attract children and animals and carry the risk of becoming strangling and choking hazards. Our motorised blinds have no chain and are an improved alternative to traditional blinds. 

Efficiency in energy use: Depending on how you’d like to go smart home blinds could provide numerous energies saving options through being programmed to react to temperature changes. This means that they can react to weather conditions by closing the blinds to hold heat once the temperature is at the desired level or by opening them when it becomes warmer. 

Security Are you on vacation and do not want your house to appear empty? Instead of putting your blinds open all the duration or asking a neighbour to come in, you could opt instead to set your blinds to close and open at specific times. It’s easy to mix this with the automated lighting system that will be on at night-time and create the illusion of the person is in their home. 

Can I automate my existing blinds? 

Do you want to know how to motorize blinds? If you’d like to improve the performance of your blinds rather than buying a new set, then you’re fortunate, since there are many smart automated home kits that are suitable for all types of blinds. It’s important to note that trying to automate blinds by yourself will require some knowledge of the technical side and isn’t as simple as attaching a levy the motor, even although there are options available when you purchase an item. It’s recommended to purchase rather than attempt to do it yourself and seek the aid of an expert If you’re having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to operate blinds on your own. 

What kinds of automation options are there? 

When it comes to the automation of your blinds, the sky’s the limit. Home automation that is smart can be as easy as moving your blinds upwards and down using a smart home blind controller, and as complicated as awnings controlled by sensors that retract when they reach certain levels of light intensity, or when winds are higher than a certain speed. 

What are the top motorised blinds you can choose from? 

At JNL Blinds, we have the top motorised blinds, including Alpha and Somfy. These blinds can be used as venetian blinds, roller blinds and even cell blinds. 

We hope that we’ve addressed all your questions regarding “how do I control my blinds. If you have more questions or wish to discuss automated blind options in person, please contact us or drop by our local showroom to see some of our incredible options. 

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