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Sleek design, suitable for all alfresco areas. Customised to your needs our Ombra Awnings are sure to impress all family and friends at your home gatherings. Resistant to all the elements, as well as insects, enjoy your outdoor area in a whole new way 

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The Ombra awnings offer 3 different solutions to suit your needs. Our Straight Drop offers a simplified minimal solution which is secured at the bottom using a clip or strap. This is suitable for a variety of external shade applications – sliding windows and doorways, undercover areas or outdoor eateries. The Wire Guide awning is a more discreet cable guided solution. This can be great for floor to ceiling use. It features a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, face or recess. Wireguide also utilises the patented Ultra-Lock for semi-automatic locking with spring gear controls. And last but not least, the Channel guide awnings. This solution features a slimline tension-free side guide, ideal for sheltered areas around the home. The ombra channel guide houses a fabric brush for smooth and quiet operation. All of which are partnered with the reputable and reliable material from Shaw Fabrics Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

As all of our Outdoor Blinds are custom made, the price completely depends on the size of the area you are looking to cover as well as the overall quantity that’s required. Outdoor Blinds are priced up based off an overall Width X Height measurement, or often referred to as Width X Drop as well as whether or not you want them automated, zip guide, wire guide, etc. They can start as low as $800 and increase as high as $8,500.

Outdoor Blinds offer a bit of extra security and weather resistance to a designated outdoor entertaining area. Outdoor Blinds are constantly being updated with new trendy fabrics and components to keep them up-to-date with today’s styles. They are often used to close up pergolas to create an outdoor-indoor setting for entertaining. Our Outdoor Blinds fabrics are wind resistant to assist with that ever changing Melbourne weather.

Yes, absolutely. Our outdoor blinds are wind resistant to make for a much more enjoyable entertaining section without the frustrating unpredictable elements ruining your day. While some air does need to get through for ventilation, it generally isn’t enough to stop you from enjoying your time in a closed off area with our outdoor blinds.

Yes, absolutely. Our outdoor blinds are sun and UV resistant. Being a much loved summer product for many years, our outdoor blinds definitely help with reducing the amount of sun and UV you are exposed to while entertaining outdoors.

There are several different operation methods for our outdoor blinds, remote operated being the most popular, though it isn’t the be all or end all. Depending on your personal preference, and of course your budget there are several options for operation methods. We would recommend speaking with one of our consultants to find what would best work with you.

Yes, all products that we offer have a warranty period though it does differ from product to product as well as the components and fabrics used. Our motors have different warranty terms from our manual operated blinds, if you have queries about a certain set-up a discussion with your consult would be best.

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australia owned

Proudly servicing the Melbourne area with no fuss installation & delivery.

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