Roll Up Outdoor Blinds

Pricing starting from $800

Change the way you think about roller blinds with JNL’s roll-up outdoor blinds. Our roll-up outdoor blinds are designed to be resilient against the elements and last for many years, giving you a low-maintenance way to make your outdoor space fresh and modern. Plus with options for motorised and unmotorised blinds as well as a wide range of materials to choose from, you can customise suit your space. 

All our outdoor roll-up blinds come with the same great design options available as our indoor blinds. They’re the perfect solution for controlling light and climate in your outdoor space, day or night.

Made of high-quality materials and constructed by our team, JNL roll up blinds offer superior sun protection and UV protection. They’re perfect for anyone trying to live the outdoor lifestyle. And because we’re Australian-owned, you can expect fantastic service and a quality product every single time.

Available colours:


Our outdoor roll-up blinds provide the ultimate light and privacy management, all without any hassle. Whether you’re looking to relax in peaceful seclusion or need some additional shade during the summer months, we have the perfect solution for your needs! 

The pull cord system is easy to install and use, and with optional motorisation you can take complete control over your blinds. Using a single remote you can control multiple blinds, giving you the freedom to adjust your outdoor environment with ease.

Superior Sun Protection

The shade cloth fabric we use in our roll up blinds blocks up to 90% of UV light. It’s perfect Therefore protecting your interior furnishings from sun fade.

Motorise Your Roll Up Blinds

Motorised roll-up outdoor blinds provide flexibility and convenience, allowing you to adjust them with a remote control or phone app from anywhere. For maximum convenience, connect our outdoor lights to your home automation system and you’ll be able to control them with a simple voice command or through automated programming. 

You have the option to add a motor to your roll up blinds when you purchase them, for an additional fee per blind. Installation is included in the price. Our team will come and install the blinds and the motor on the installation date, so you can start using them immediately.

To guarantee proper operation, the motors come pre-installed with fully charged batteries, which will usually last for up to one year before requiring a recharge.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, roll up outdoor blinds are surprisingly affordable. For motorised roll up blinds, the system requires a battery-powered motor for an additional fee and some basic installation, but it can be installed in just one day and be enjoyed for many years to come.
Of course! Check out our full range of roller shutters, blinds, plantation shutters and more on our website.
Roll up blinds provide an effective, energy-efficient way to keep your outdoor space and even your home cool, comfortable and protected from the sun. They roll up when not in use, allowing you to enjoy a view of the outdoors, but rolling down when you want so you don’t have to compromise on privacy. They’ll keep you comfortable in your outdoor space year-round, protecting you from heat and wind. Browse our range online and invest in some new blinds for your home today.

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australia owned

Proudly servicing the Melbourne area with no fuss installation & delivery.

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australia owned

Proudly servicing the Melbourne area with no fuss installation & delivery.

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