Day and Night Double Roller Blinds

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Gain complete control over the light in your home with our double roller blinds. Also known as dual blinds or day and night blinds, these blinds combine two fabrics to provide you with the ability to control light and privacy levels at any level you want. With a range of colours and fabrics to choose from, contact us today and get the perfect blinds for your home. 

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Double Roller Blinds, which are also known as dual blinds or day night blinds, fit any room perfectly. These window dressings offer complete coverage: one side is an opaque fabric that blocks all light, while the other side is a sheer roller blind or lightly coloured fabric for added privacy without blocking out natural light. 

We carry a wide variety of textured blockout blinds fabrics, so whether you want something fashionable for your windows or something more subdued, we have what you’re looking for. We offer a wide variety of blockout blind fabrics in matte colors, as well as sunscreen roller blind fabrics.

Our Double Roller Blinds have the advantage of two roller blinds mounted on one bracket, with a choice of either a split or a soft edge system. The day and night double roller blind is operated by one cord so you can easily adjust the light and privacy level according to your mood.

All our day-night roller blinds are manufactured right here in Melbourne, ensuring we can keep prices affordable for all our customers. It also means turnaround times are fast and we can keep a close eye on quality. You get incredible, affordable blinds, custom-made and installed in as little as 10 days!

Modern colours and fabrics are being created constantly to keep up with current trends, but the best part is that these products are still affordable. It’s no surprise you can find roller blinds in almost every Australian home.


Frequently Asked Questions

All our roller blinds are custom made, so the price will depend on the size of your windows and the number of blinds you need. Roller Blinds are priced up based off an overall Width X Height measurement, or often referred to as Width X Drop. You can get an accurate price for your project by taking advantage of free measure and quotes, or by sending in your measurements for a quote.
Double Roller Blinds are two blinds in one, with a day and night system. During the day you can open up your Double Roller Blind to let in natural light and enjoy your views, then at night, you simply pull down two independent fabric shades for complete privacy and block out from the outside world. With two blinds, a thicker blockout material and a sheer blind, you can completely control the amount of light and visibility.

Yes, Double Roller Blinds have a day and night system that provides excellent light control. You can open up your Double Roller Blind to let in natural light and enjoy your views, with either partial or full visibility. Then, when it’s time for privacy or darkness, simply pull down both independent fabric shades for total blackout conditions. 

The amount of light your blinds can block will depend on the way they’re installed as well. The darkness of a room during the day depends on whether you install your Roller Blinds in front of a window recess or inside the window frame. Because of the way blinds work, there may be some light that leaks through the sides and top. However, there should be absolutely no light coming through the fabric itself if you opt for a 100% blockout fabric.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution for blocking out light, we also offer standard blockout blinds. These are the perfect choice if you want complete privacy, or need to block out sunlight to avoid glare on your computer screen.

Face fit or Recess Fit Roller Blinds refers to the location of where the Roller Blinds are installed. For example, you might have a typical window with an architrave surrounding the glass to create a kind of window frame. A “Recess Fit Roller Blind” would be installed inside this frame. The roller blinds would hang down from the roof of the frame, supported by brackets. While this can create a sleeker look, it will also allow more light to get in when the blinds are all the way down.
Yes absolutely, our Roller Blinds warranty are broken up in to 2 different sections. Our fabrics all come with 5 years warranty whereas the metal components have 12 months warranty. The components being the chains, drives, bottom rails and tubes. Our plastic chains also come with 6 months warranty.
All our blinds are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, by local, reputable manufacturers. Not only does this let us ensure quality, it also means we can offer all our blinds at a reasonable price.

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australia owned

Proudly servicing the Melbourne area with no fuss installation & delivery.

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