Timber Plantation Shutters

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Timber Plantation shutters are a classy and practical way to add a bit of shade and privacy to your home. Our Timber Plantation Shutters are stylish and modern, designed to fit any window size and shape. Made with real timber, these shutters look amazing and give you the perfect amount of light and privacy for your home. And when installed by one of our experienced installers you can be sure they’ll last for years to come.

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Timber Plantation Shutters - Build To Last

Timber plantation shutters can fit almost every window regardless of the shape or design. No matter what type or size of window you have, our custom-made timber plantation shutters will fit perfectly. We can get shutters made according to your exact specifications, so you can get the best possible results. For this reason, many people use plantation shutters for more ornate windows or for windows that face the street in order to increase their property’s appeal. 

We understand that each home is different, so please reach out to us before you make your final decision. Our experienced team will help you choose the right plantation shutter and ensure you get the best results possible. Additionally, because more work goes into making plantation shutters, they can take longer to receive, so it’s best to order them sooner rather than later if you want or need them for privacy and security.

Our shutters are available in a range of natural timber colours, as well as more modern shades and painted colours.

Our plantation shutters range also include premium indoor plantation shutters and living room plantation shutters, perfect for enhancing the look and functionality of your living room and providing great light control. Get a quote today! Additionally we also supply and install a large range of blinds and curtains in Melbourne including outdoor blinds, privacy blinds, roller blinds, day night roller blinds, S-fold curtains and motorised curtains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because all our timber plantation shutters are custom made, the final price will depend on what size plantation shutters you need and the material. Our prices vary depending on the type of material required, but they typically fall between $280 and $400 per square meter. In addition, there may be other charges for round windows or special features. Our team will be able to provide you with an accurate quote before you commit to anything.

Many plantation shutters are imported from other countries, which might make them take longer to arrive but often makes them more affordable. The type of material also affect the cost.

For our most commonly used timber plantation shutters, being the Thermo Pre Paint the answer is yes. When you start to look at the Basswood or other timber products we don’t recommend getting them wet as it may ruin the material over time.

This will depend on the individual and if they feel comfortable doing their own handy work. You will need a level, packers, an electric drill, and potentially gap filler for your plantation shutter set-up. It’s important to be able to line up the shutter frame properly for good results. Additionally, these shutters work best on a window opening with a protruding sill, but still look incredible on windows without one. If you want to get the most out of your timber plantation shutters, we recommend getting them professionally installed. Having said that, if you’re confident with basic tools then installation may be quite easy for you. 

Timber Plantation shutters are controlled by the tilt rod that runs through the louvers. The tilt bar is designed to rotate allowing you to open and close your plantation shutters as you please. Timber plantation shutters also come with a decorative holdback latch so you can keep them open in whichever way you like. Please note that shutters over a specific height will have a divider rail. 

Yes, all products that we offer have a warranty period though it does differ from product to product as well as the materials and manufacturer’s that you have chosen. Our important products tend to have a longer warranty life than our Australian-based products.
While our timber shutters can be very versatile, we recommend using PVC in wet areas as they can be prone to being affected by water. Our timber shutters are best used in bedrooms or living rooms.
All our timber shutter are made of high-grade, sustainably sourced Basswood Timber with a wide range of finishes and colours to suit your home’s styling.

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Proudly servicing the Melbourne area with no fuss installation & delivery.

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