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7 Top Tips for Designing with Plantation Shutters 

Plantation shutters work well in living spaces that are open such as kitchens, living rooms and even areas that are wet in your house. Plantation shutters do not just provide a stunning result however, they can also assist to improve energy efficiency in your home. 

If you’re just beginning to learn about plantation shutters, you’ve arrived at the right spot. We’ll explain why we love them as well as offer suggestions on how you can decorate your space with plantation shutters -Here are a few ideas that will inspire you. 

1. Simple, easy style that is perfect for any decor 

Plantation shutters make a wonderful windows treatment option that is suitable for Australian homes. Their tropical style is ideal for our climate and lifestyle and adds a distinct aesthetic to the outside and inside of the house. 

Plantation shutters are the ultimate in flexibility, offering the ability to regulate the quantity of light and heat that can enter your home, and the privacy level you need. 

When the shutters are opened the blades allow light and air to circulate through your home perfect for those beautiful summer days! You can also catch cool evening breezes while keeping your privacy by tilting the shutters according to the angle you prefer. 

2. Install shutters on each window in the room. 

Plantation shutters are an excellent option for any space of the house, but are particularly suited for living rooms as well as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. 

Installing shutters at every window in a room will ensure the same design and consistency. Every room that is shuttered will feel cohesive, seamless with character and also look gorgeous! 

Plantation shutters are also an excellent option for pet owners, allowing you to tilt your plantation shutters to let sunlight in however, they’ll keep your pet from observing passers-by and disrupting your peace. You can also create your shutters with split tilt, so that you can keep the top of the shutter open, and the bottom shut. 

3. Combining shutters with drapes or curtains 

They are extremely versatile and make a great partner for various window coverings. Don’t forget, you’re not restricted to only one kind of window treatment for your windows! 

Plantation shutters won’t completely block out light. If you’re considering adding the shutters to your bedroom windows, though require that 100% blockout from the light you may need to look at adding another product to the mix. Blackout curtains that are installed on ceilings are ideal for helping with this, giving easy access to windows and reducing the morning light when you need it most. 

For homes that have windows that are 1950’s plantation shutters are a great option to add contemporary style and architectural design. In living spaces, the addition of curtains with shutters adds a touch of the softness. It is also possible to combine plantation shutters with  sheer curtains. When the shutters are tilted, and the windows open sheer curtains can add the illusion of movement and elegance to your living space. 

4. Increase the space 

One of the great things about plantation shutters is that the room will feel spacious, yes cosy. It’s a wonderful combination! 

Beautiful white plantation shutters will ensure the light gets in and bounces throughout the room, while also providing privacy. With plantation shutters it is possible that you don’t need more overhead lighting. 

Lighting in shuttered rooms can make the room appear more spacious. The feeling of space is important, particularly in the case of using your home more often in smaller houses and apartments! 

5. Decorate and coordinate furniture and décor 

The PVC plantation shutters come in a stunning white that is designed to lighten and open up any room. The timeless style of plantation shutters can be paired with art, curtains, and other decor. 

If you’re looking for a minimalist or Hamptons style home or a more elaborate one, plantation shutters are able to be a perfect match for any style or colour scheme. 

Shutters can be an attractive aspect in your space. The plantation shutters help to create a chic well-lit and attractive display that matches cushions, throws, and furniture. 

6. Plantation shutters are a good option in humid zones or in storage 

The most appealing aspect of making custom-made plantation shutters is that you can put them wherever you want to match the design of your house. 

The PVC plantation shutters have become popular in wet areas in your home such as bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchen. In contrast to wooden shutters, these robust shutters are impervious to moisture and humidity. They can be a powerful style statement in these practical spaces! 

You could even extend your plantation shutters into storage spaces within your home. For instance, you could make use of plantation shutters for hiding an open wardrobe or laundry room. Plantation shutters are also a great way to fill an empty space in walls by dividing the open space and serving various functions. 

7. The less is more in the case of panel layout 

Customizing your plantation shutters allows you to choose the exact design that enhances your windows. If you’re not sure which to select, always go for the simplest layout! 

The first step to choose your layout for your panel should be to adhere to the windows. The window’s layout will make sure that your windows are opened smoothly to let in fresh air. The space will feel natural. 

When choosing the layout of your panel take into consideration how your shutters appear from within and outside your house. An easy-to-follow layout will give you the most visually appealing exterior that will give you the best style advantages! 

Need ideas? We have a gallery full of ideas! Find out how our customers utilized plantation shutters for their homes and get their feedback. It could be just the inspiration you’re looking for to start. 

Are you ready to begin? Our team of experts can assist you in styling your home using plantation shutters that will last for many years. 

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