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What are the best blinds for large windows/doors? 

The search for blinds that are suitable for windows that are large can be a challenge, as the majority of blinds that are ready-made are designed for normal-sized windows. Nor do certain styles work well in larger spaces. This could drastically limit the options available, leading to the requirement for costly custom-made blinds or poorly-fitting window treatments. The good news is that there are a couple of window coverings made specifically for large windows with a high degree of functionality and long-lasting durability without sacrificing design. In today’s blogpost, we’ll look at the best blinds for windows with large doors as well as our personal favourites vertical blinds, vertical blinds, as well as panel glides. 

The best types of blinds for large openings: 

Vertical blinds 

Vertical blinds are among the most suitable blinds to cover large windows. They are commonly used for sliding doors. With adjustable slats, these blinds provide a level of light control that other blinds don’t provide, which allows for total blockout and filtering, or complete light. They are extremely durable, and each slat can be repaired if stained or damaged. If you’re in search of an adjustable window treatment that can be made to suit large windows vertical blinds are an excellent option. 

Panel glide blinds 

Blinds with panel glides are fashionable, minimal alternatives to the vertical blinds they are particularly popular in cinema rooms. They feature a simple mechanism for sliding Panel glide blinds are an excellent option for those with mobility issues, as they operate using the simple hand. Large panels can be made to fit any windows or sliding doors and can be neatly stacked on top of each other. These kinds are indoor blinds are offered in sun-blocking as well as light-filtering and blocking fabrics. 

Roller blinds 

The roller blinds are adored by their simplicity and timeless appeal. They are a breeze placing them in any room, from bedrooms and living rooms to bathrooms and kitchens. If your windows are large, you might consider placing two or more roll blinds adjacent to each other. This allows you to regulate how much light that flows across the room. You could choose to roll either up or down. 

How to choose? 


If you’re awestruck by the drapes that are sweeping but are worried that you won’t be in a position to find one that are large enough to fit the windows of your home, tailored curtains are a great alternative. With them, you can select everything from the material thickness, density of the fabric cut, colour and design, all the way to fixtures and fittings like tiebacks, headboxes and even tassels. 

Filtering light, sunscreen or blockout? 

When you’re looking for window treatments for large windows, it is important to take the density of fabric into account. If, for instance, you’re covering windows that are large for bedrooms or a cinema then you’ll probably want to choose a blockout material. In contrast, kitchens can appear better by using a light-filtering fabric that lets light into the space. If you decide to go with double roller blinds, then you can choose booth sunblock and block out. 


When it comes time to select blinds for large windows top-quality materials are essential for long-term durability. This is because window blinds for large windows can be used frequently particularly if they cover a sliding door. Selecting high-quality window blinds will save you lots of time and cost in the long run and will ensure that your window blinds will last for a long time. 

Are you ready to start? 

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