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How to clean your blinds? 

How to clean your blinds? 

Cleaning blinds is usually one of those tasks that most people neglect, but allowing blinds covered with dust does not just result in unattractive blinds but could also cause health issues. It is crucial to clean your blinds regularly, to prevent breathing issues and allergies from arising. In this post we’d like to explore the best method to clean blinds as well as provide some suggestions and tricks for clean aluminium, fabric, PVC, timber, and aluminium blinds. 

In today’s article we’ll quickly run through a few different types of window coverings (the more popular selections) with some recommended tips and tricks to keep them looking fresh. Remember, when cleaning all your window furnishings, no matter which ones you have, take the utmost care to ensure that your parts and fabrics aren’t damaged during the cleaning process. Taking regular care of your window furnishings can help maintain a fresh, clean and stylish look as oppose to the dusty abandoned look.  

The best method to clean blinds: 

Timber Blinds 

Blinds made of timber are more difficult to clean as it is important to be careful not to soak the wood. It is advised to stay away from hard astringents or detergents since they can damage the paint or cause the wood to soften. A simple wipe-down with mild detergent and water is sufficient provided you dry the slats of timber and use furniture polish to add a bit of shine. 

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Aluminium blinds 

There are a variety of methods to clean aluminium blinds, since metal is less susceptible than timber and fabric. Vacuuming will remove all dust and a moist cloth with mild detergent will get rid of dirt that is difficult to eliminate. Let them dry naturally and refrain from raising it until the wooden slats are dry. 

Vertical blinds 

Vertical blinds can be harder to clean due to their height, however, an upright vacuum cleaner that has long handles can complete the job. To get a more thorough clean you can consider taking the blinds from the handrail, and then washing with a bucket filled with hot water, along with mild soap, or taking them to the bathtub for soaking. 

PVC blinds 

PVC blinds are easy to clean. A cloth and warm soapy water are all you require. A microfibre cloth is the best choice, however any type of cloth could be used, as in the event that it’s not rough. Avoid making use of harsh astringents or a powerful detergent, since it can scratch the paint. 

Fabric Blinds 

For cleaning fabric blinds, we don’t recommend using any detergent or soaps as it may ruin the fabric, depending on which fabric you have. The best way to maintain these blinds would be with a gently wipe with a damp cloth on the fabrics, and a microfibre cloth for your aluminium components.  

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We hope that our article about the best method to clean blinds has provided you some helpful ideas and tips. For more details, take at the time to read our care and cleaning guides or call us via 0406 930 220 to talk to an expert in blinds. You can also browse through our indoor blinds on our website for top quality blinds in Melbourne. 

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