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Which one is better? Curtains or Blinds 

If you’re contemplating putting together the latest windows for the home, you could be wondering which type you should choose. While personal preferences is always a consideration of the window treatment you choose, certain types of window treatments are more suited to specific spaces and conditions, for example, high moisture rooms or bedrooms that have little children. Today’s blog will examine blinds vs curtains and which rooms work most. 

Curtains vs Blinds 

Curtains benefits 

Curtains can provide an elegant and sleek style, adding a sophisticated look to rooms. Curtains for windows come in a variety of styles and colours, and some offer more of a solid look, and others are sheer, letting the drape of the fabric be beautiful. There’s also a wide selection of curtain styles that you can pick from, such as plain or decorative curtains. Sheers that let light through but keep people from looking inside, and insulation fabrics to keep the heat out during warmer seasons. 

Blinds benefits 

Blinds for indoor use are an ideal choice for those who prefer an uncluttered look since the minimalist style is a perfect match for any style of décor. A variety of styles are offered, including roman, rollers, Venetian, vertical and panel glide. If you’re looking to install blinds that are controlled can be linked to a smart gadget that you can control from home. 

Blinds vs Curtains Window treatments for each room 

Living room 

In the case of window blinds and curtains for living spaces, the design is a major factor. However, Curtains are generally better suited for living spaces since they give a more cosy and relaxed atmosphere. The sheer curtains can be paired with drapes that block out light for the most comfortable of both and allow you to curl to watch a movie without the glaring flecks of light. Vertical blinds are also popular for those with doors that open to the outside. 


A well-designed kitchen must be more than practical. Also, it should look welcoming and attractive. Vertical blinds look beautiful and inviting. The kitchen walls are timeless and modern; however, they can be created with many colours and designs. The advantages of using blinds instead of curtains have everything about cleaning since blinds can be cleaned easily when splashes happen. Blinds also don’t get a blockage, and this is crucial in navigating through a volume of traffic. We recommend PVC or aluminium shutters for areas like above the sink. 


With blinds or curtains, both can be used to get the best night’s sleep. Curtains designed for blocking out light make rooms dark and are constructed of coloured thermal-backed material that blocks light. This can prevent disturbances to sleep patterns because the room is not in direct contact with bright light in the early hours of the morning and late afternoon light. It is also possible to choose blinds that block out light sources that provide the same effect, but they use a simple roll-down mechanism. 


When it comes to curtains and blinds in the bathroom, blinds are the most effective option. They offer complete privacy from obstructions. Modern blinds are made of water and UV resistant materials as well as coping well in humid environments. These kinds of blinds and PVC and aluminium shutters are the ideal window treatments for humid zones. 

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We hope that our post on curtains vs window blinds can give you some useful ideas. If you’d like to know more about our offerings or have any queries, contact us by dialling 0406 930 220 or visit our Epping showroom to view our blinds and curtains in person. 

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