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How do curtain tracks operate? 

Make your curtains look stunning by using ceiling- and wall-mounted curtain tracks 

Many people go out shopping for curtains, but they don’t think about how their curtains have to be put up. 

It is important to understand that the kind of curtain you select will determine whether you’ll require curtain tracks to hang them. Based on the design of the curtain as well as the selection of the fabric the curtain tracks can give you the needed functionality and design flexibility. 

Most commonly, we are now faced with the beautiful design of ceiling mounted tracks providing an elegant look with your new curtains covering your entire wall as oppose to the curtains hung by a rod that are installed onto your window frame. 

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of curtain tracks and why you might require these. 

JNL Blinds provides a range of curtain tracks, including custom-designed curtain tracks that allow DIY curtain installation. 

What are curtain tracks? 

Curtain tracks allow drapes to be drawn by an automated tracking mechanism. In contrast to curtain rods – which are essentially a rod that is fed by curtains – curtain tracks have an internal tracker system that includes clips-on gliders that attach to the curtain to it and pull the curtain through when it is open and closing. This system of tracking is concealed from view and can use cordless, corded or motorized blinds. 

Tracks can be attached on ceilings and walls and also behind decorative fixtures, such as the pelmet or a valance. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to achieving various designs or accommodating various window sizes. 

Available in both metal and plastic colours Curtain tracks can be fitted to any space or interior design. They also give an updated look. 

Curtain tracks: Why should you use them? 

Tracks are typically employed as a way to draw and hang curtains that are fitted with heading tape. This is why it is not possible to utilize eyelet or tab top curtains that have tracks, since these types of curtains must be hang on rods or poles. 

The types of curtains that will benefit from track systems for curtain curtains include: 

  • S-fold curtains 
  • Pinch and pleat curtains with goblet 
  • Pencil pleat curtains 

Curtain tracks of different types 

When you are choosing the style of your curtains when choosing your curtain style, be aware of the kind of track you require. There are various types of tracks that are available based on the size of your window and the weight and style that you want to use for your curtains, as well as the extent to which you wish to put sheers on top of your curtains. 

  • Single track – A one-track track is used in hanging one curtain or sheers. 
  • Double track – With the double-track rail curtains can be laid over sheers to provide privacy and to reduce light. 
  • Triple track – Using three tracks allows you to layer a variety of fabrics like curtains, sheers, to provide the best privacy, aesthetics, sound and light reduction. 
  • Curtain track with long length – For more or longer windows than standard track systems that can be extended is accessible. 
  • S-fold tracks for curtains – Curtains that fold in S-folds like ripple fold or wave fold curtains need S fold tracks in order to provide them with the soft, flowing style. 
  • Curtain tracks – are flexible: Curved, flexible curtain tracks can be made for be used around corner or curved windows, such as bay windows. 

The advantages of curtain tracks 

If you’d prefer your curtains to stand out – instead of your curtain hardware, then curtains tracks are the perfect option. Curtain tracks make your window hardware hidden while focusing focus on the curtains. 

The major advantages of curtain tracks, besides its minimal profile, are: 

Uninterruptible operation 

Since the majority of curtain rods consist of two parts to allow for the length of a window, they usually create a bump, or gap where curtains could become stuck. When using curtain tracks, the drawing of drapes is smooth and seamless and is able to be open or closed across all the length, without getting stuck. 


The curtain tracks can be supported by brackets and other hardware that are attached to the ceiling or wall which gives them greater strength. Due to this, the long and heavy fabric or draperies are supported without tracks ever breaking or collapsing due to weight (something you could experience when using drapery rods). 


Curtain tracks are a must for anyone who wants flexibility and versatility, particularly for windows with different shapes, such as corners or bay windows. Curtain tracks can be utilized to make other drapery uses for example, as a partitioning device or for an entrance. 

Curtain tracks are easily bent into shape and are a fantastic option for DIY decorators because they permit curtains to be put up and arranged in any manner you want. 

Order your very own custom curtain tracks 

Are you looking to buy curtain tracks for your curtains? You’re in the right spot. We design custom-made S-fold curtain tracks, including track tracks that stand alone and are long in length. They can be made to fit any size room or window configuration, including corner windows as well as wide door/window combinations. 

When ordering curtains with JNL Blinds you just need to select the length of your track, then choose where it will be installed (wall or on the ceiling) and then select your track’s style and colour, and then choose your opening type as well as wand size. We’ll take it from there. 

There are many different methods of installation for curtain tracks. Our custom-made curtain tracks allow you to customize your track to fit your windows. Enquire about our curtain tracks at info@jnlblinds.com.au today 

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