Which one is better? Curtains or Blinds 

better curtains or blinds

If you’re contemplating putting together the latest windows for the home, you could be wondering which type you should choose. While personal preferences is always a consideration of the window treatment you choose, certain types of window treatments are more suited to specific spaces and conditions, for example, high moisture rooms or bedrooms that have little […]

What is the ideal amount of fabric for curtains?

ideal amount of fabric

Here’s how to determine the right the fabric you want to use for your curtains.  Making your own custom curtains gives you the option of choosing the best outcome and get the atmosphere you want for each space in your home. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to transform a space a new look […]

What are the best blinds for large windows/doors? 

the best blinds

The search for blinds that are suitable for windows that are large can be a challenge, as the majority of blinds that are ready-made are designed for normal-sized windows. Nor do certain styles work well in larger spaces. This could drastically limit the options available, leading to the requirement for costly custom-made blinds or poorly-fitting […]

How do curtain tracks operate? 

curtain tracks operate

Make your curtains look stunning by using ceiling- and wall-mounted curtain tracks  Many people go out shopping for curtains, but they don’t think about how their curtains have to be put up.  It is important to understand that the kind of curtain you select will determine whether you’ll require curtain tracks to hang them. Based on […]

How to clean your blinds? 

clean your blinds

How to clean your blinds?  Cleaning blinds is usually one of those tasks that most people neglect, but allowing blinds covered with dust does not just result in unattractive blinds but could also cause health issues. It is crucial to clean your blinds regularly, to prevent breathing issues and allergies from arising. In this post we’d like […]

How to choose the right style of curtain for you

vibrant place

Melbourne is a vibrant place to reside in and if you’re building a new house, or are re-styling an existing one, you could be looking for furniture for your windows. Curtains are among the most sought-after options to cover doors and windows. Although there are other options offered, the standard curtain will always delight and inspire.  The […]

A 2022 guide to smart home blinds

smart home blinds

What are smart home blinds?  Smart home blinds make use of technology that lets you move blinds upwards and downwards at the touch of a button or via voice activated. It is possible to purchase ready to move to automated blinds, or even re-jig the blinds you have already installed with smart home automation systems. Smart home […]

7 Top Tips for Designing with Plantation Shutters 

living rooms

Plantation shutters work well in living spaces that are open such as kitchens, living rooms and even areas that are wet in your house. Plantation shutters do not just provide a stunning result however, they can also assist to improve energy efficiency in your home.  If you’re just beginning to learn about plantation shutters, you’ve arrived […]